Totemancer: Play-to-Earn NFT Strategy Game on Telegram

Engage in strategic battles and soon you will be able to mint exclusive NFT Totems, and earn 💎Toncoin by playing or winning in exciting tournaments.


How to play?

Master Totemancer by strategically placing totems to control the game map and overpower your rivals in this blockchain-based game.

Place totems

Place your totem on any tile except those with obstacles like trees or bushes. Select a tile to place your totem and end your turn.

Secure land

Secure land by surrounding tiles. Each time you secure land, you get a bonus turn. Be cautious, your opponent may try to outmaneuver you.


You can also secure obstacles, but you can't secure border of the map, see it as infinite land.


You can use Burst twice per game, destroying obstacles and opponent's totems. Tap Burst, then select a tile to clear surrounding obstacles and totems.

Mint NFTs

Mint your NFTs to collect unique digital totems that offer bonuses within Totemancer’s play-to-earn ecosystem. While these NFTs do not increase totem strength, they provide enhanced benefits such as increased mana drops, higher rates of totem discovery, and more frequent Toncoin rewards, enriching your overall game experience without disrupting balance.

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Compete and Earn

Challenge players globally in real-time strategic battles or play with your Telegram friends, climb the leaderboards, and earn exclusive rewards. Participate in Totemancer’s competitive arenas to not only prove your strategic skills but also earn Toncoin (TON), enhancing your gaming experience with tangible rewards.

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Collect Rewards

Advance through Totemancer by completing tasks to earn unique rewards, unlocking new totems and game regions for a richer gaming experience.

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Play 500 games
Play Totemancer and finish 500 games to uncover Savannah region.
Discover 15 totems
Play Totemancer and discover 15 new totems to uncover Mountain region.
Reach level 15
Earn enough experience to reach level 15 and uncover Desert region.

Collect Totems

Collect and strategically deploy totems of varying rarities, each uniquely designed and linked to specific game regions within Totemancer. While totems themselves do not confer combat advantages, they play a crucial role in your strategy by unlocking region-specific bonuses, increasing your chances of discovering new totems, and enhancing your potential for earning Toncoin.

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Explore the Regions

Explore unique regions from mystical forests to icy tundras, each offering distinct totems and strategic challenges in Totemancer.


Delve into the Cave region, where shadows and echoes reveal hidden challenges and mysterious totems. Ideal for strategic ambushes and fortified defenses.

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Step into the fiery Lava region, where the ground itself is an adversary. Master the art of maneuver and strategic placement to survive this volatile terrain.

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Traverse the arid Desert, where the endless sands shift beneath your feet. Adapt to this sparse landscape to outwit opponents in this stark battlefield.

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Ascend into the rugged Mountain region, characterized by its high peaks and rocky vistas. The terrain favors those who can strategically dominate from above.

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Brave the bitter cold of the Tundra, a harsh environment where only the hardiest totems thrive. Prepare for battles against enduring foes.

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Explore the dense and vibrant Jungle region, teeming with life. This area is perfect for those looking to harness the power of nature.

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Discover the expansive Savannah, where vast plains and clear skies await. It's a battleground where speed and strategy lead to victory.

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Dive into the depths of the Ocean region, exploring underwater realms that hide ancient secrets and aquatic totems.

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Wander through the mystical Forest, a serene and enchanting place filled with woodland spirits and elemental totems.

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